Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School


August 2020

We are currently offering all children 600 hours (two full days and a half day session). The focus is to ensure the transition is a safe and nurturing experience and build relationships with the children.

Throughout the first term we will be planning how to increase the hours and how to safely deliver the 1140 hours (full time).

From Monday 17th August the sessions are:

The doors will be open at 8.50am and 2.50pm for parents who have nursery children and children in the early years of primary and have to do drop off and pick up at separate gates. Speak to Mrs McGregor if you have any issues and we will try to support this.

If you are unsure of your days, please contact the nursery direct on 01738 472315 or speak to a member of our staff.


Senior Early Childhood Practitioner: 

Julie McGregor

Early Childhood Practitioners:

Tracey Abed (Mon-Wed) Tanya Guthrie (Thurs-Fri)

Rebecca Goodfellow 

Danielle McCall

Mary Fullerton

Mairi Lindsay

Anna McGrath

Susan Bijum

Lynsey Frew

Emma Kelly

Play Assistants:

Tanya Guthrie

Mandy McCall

Magdalena Kudelka

Modern Apprentice Graduate:

Jade Bibby