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Parent and Family Learning

Peep Learning Together Session 1: Introducing ORIM.

Opportunities, Recognition, Interaction, Modelling

Making Playdoh

We were:

  • measuring the ingredients to get the correct amounts for the playdoh
  • listening well and following the instructions
  • making choices when choosing colours 
  • discussing lots of creative ideas when playing with the playdoh

We worked our fine motor skills, rolling, squashing, squeezing, and cutting the playdoh.


Eat Well Play Well January 2023

Chicken Nuggets and Potato Wedges

This Week at Eat Well Play Well, we made chicken nuggets and potato wedges.  We worked hard with our chopping skills.  It was tricky cutting the potatoes into wedge shapes, but we persevered and did well.


We learned about opening an egg, and whisking it,  and how this changed the egg.  We had a messy , but fun job of dipping the chicken in flour, eggs and cornflakes.  Some children were very brave handling this messy job.


We had great fun playing with balloons.  We were practicing our throwing and catching skills.  We also tried to keep the balloon off the floor using our hands and feet, developing or balancing skills.


Eat Well Play Well December 2022

Making Fruit Kebabs

Today at Eat Well Play Well , we made colourful fruit kebabs.

We found out what the fruits were all called, and talked about the fruits

we already knew, and if we liked to eat them.

We very carefully peeled and chopped the fruits, working hard on our chopping skills, and being responsible with the knives.

We arranged the fruit on our kebab sticks, showing amazing concentration and focus when doing this. They looked amazing!

Finally, we enjoyed eating them!

Brilliant to see some children tasting fruits they had not tried before.

Eat Well Play Well November 2022

This week at Eat Well Play Well we were making sandwiches.

We were learning the names of lots of foods and began to think about which category the different foods belong to on the ‘Eat Well Wheel’

The children enjoyed smelling, licking, and tasting some foods they were unsure of.

We were developing our chopping, cutting, and spreading skills.

Bookbug Sessions

Some of our two year olds enjoying Book Bug this week.

Bookbug is a great way for parents and children to enjoy singing, rhymes and stories together

The children and parents have opportunities to learn new songs and rhymes, which supports children’s language and communication development.

It is great to see the children have fun with their parents and gaining in confidence within the group.

Eat Well Play Well ... Chicken Nuggets and Potato Wedges

This week at Eat Well Play Well, we learned how to make chicken nuggets and potato wedges.

We talked about where the foods belong on the Eat Well Wheel, and how important it is to be extra careful with our hand hygiene and keeping our workspace and utensils very clean, especially when using proteins like eggs and chicken.

We used our chopping, mixing, and measuring skills and there was some messy work with eggs and cornflakes! 

We had a fun story called ‘The Animal Bop’ where we used our bodies to move like various animals and dance along.

We played fun games with boxes and socks, using the boxes as a ‘bat’, and the socks as our ‘ball’.

We also played games where we knocked over boxes and tubes with our socks. All working our gross motor skills and hand eye coordination.

A fantastic morning, with some yummy, healthy choice food to enjoy too!

Eat Well Play Well ... Making Pizza

This week we named the foods we were going to use when making our pizzas and sorted them onto the Eat Well Chart, looking at the different food categories and talking about what we need to try and eat more of and what we need less of.

We talked about the traffic light labels on food packaging and thought about the importance of looking for the green and orange colours to make healthier choices. We discussed and looked at the Food Tracker App and how it could be used when in the supermarket and as an activity to do with children.

We had great fun making Pizza, making the dough and preparing a delicious topping.

The children were developing their chopping, cutting, grating and spreading skills.  They worked well as a team and most of all had great fun! 

We had a lovely story ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ encouraging the children to use their bodies to stretch, hop and jump and played a fun Traffic Lights Game. The children were brilliant at following the instructions and joining in.