Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School

P4 Rm10

Primary 4 have been busy getting to know their new teachers- we are very lucky that we have lots of adults who help us with our learning.

Monday – Thursday, Miss Tannock will be our teacher and Mrs Melville will teach us every Friday.

On a Monday, Mrs Watt will be teaching us new skills in Art and on a Wednesday. Mrs Henderson teaches us Science.

Mrs Robson is supporting our class every day.

Our P.E days are a Tuesday and a Thursday.

We are sharing responsibilities within our class with our ‘Helping Hands’ class jobs, where we take turns to have different job roles in the class, such as ‘line leader’, ‘resource monitor’, and ‘teacher helper’.

We have table points, with points awarded for tables that are showing they are ready, respectful and safe. The table with the most points gets to keep our class mascot, Bobby, the Highland Cow, on their table for the week.

Individuals that are going above and beyond, will be given ‘raffle tickets’ to recognise their efforts, to put into a jar with a prize draw at the end of every week.