Tulloch Primary School

Tulloch Primary School
Courage and Compassion

P2 Rm3 Miss stewart

In Primary 2, we enjoy a soft start each morning to help us settle into school, play with friends, and get ourselves ready for the day. We like to share how we are feeling by choosing a zone and help each other if we need support. Before we start our lessons, we take time to go through the daily timetable and discuss the day of the week.

We work hard every day to read and write common words, learn new sounds and apply our knowledge of our sounds to our reading and writing. We also enjoy exploring numbers, apply our core learning in topic lessons and reflecting on our learning each week. We work hard to demonstrate our listening target and work our way up the listening ladder. We enjoy Science and Expressive Arts with Mrs Watt on a Wednesday and P.E with Mr Wright on a Thursday. We enjoy sharing our achievements and work hard to earn a place on the “Work that Sparkles” wall. Our buddies spend time with us once a week helping us read or play numeracy games with us.

We have been learning about our rights and how important these are to us. We have created our class charter and have chosen to focus on the following articles in our class:

-            Article 12 – we have the right to have an opinion,

-            Article 28 – we have the right to learn,

-            Article 31 – we have the right to play.

We are continuing to earn table points in order to be in for a chance of winning table of the week! Points are earned for lots of different reasons e.g., by showing good listening, using manners, being kind and respectful to others and showing good focus during learning. We can also earn House Points for being Ready, Respectful and Safe around the school and playground. Each of us has a classroom job that we change weekly, and we enjoy having the responsibility that comes with this.

We have had a great start to Primary 2 and we look forward to a fun-filled year!