Tulloch Primary School

Tulloch Primary School
Courage and Compassion

P1 Rm2 miss kaniewska

In P1 Room 2 we are working very hard as one team! Our day starts with the whole class greeting, Ms Kaniewska always waits for everyone to be ready, have their shoes changed and jackets on their pegs. Then we order our lunches, soon after it’s time to play! We have many different areas to choose from like construction, role play area, sensory area, funky fingers activities and phonics and reading corner where we have plenty activities to pick from to practise our words.  Once we hear the tidy up song, we make sure all areas are super clean. Once our classroom is tidy, we are ready to learn! Next, we make the calendar, revise our days of the week, discuss the weather, and look at the daily timetable. 


We have a chance to take on different responsibilities as Ms Kaniewska chooses new people every week to fulfil very important classroom jobs. We have various displays in our classroom that help us learn and remind us about the class rules. Every week Ms Kaniewska chooses her star writers and maths wizards whose work hang on the wall for everyone to see how hard we work. We follow our Listening Ladder which reminds us to sit calmly, look at the person that is talking and take turns when we speak. As a whole class we work very hard to practise our oracy skills. We are learning to follow the school and class rules of being Ready Respectful and Safe at all times. We love collecting stickers for our rainbows for all the good choices we make. In addition, we have a chance to get table points and house points if we are spotted showing good example. What is more, when Ms Kaniewska can see that the whole class is trying their best, she puts googly eyes in the class reward jar. Our class target is to sit still and quietly on the carpet.


We have our PE lessons on Tuesdays with Ms Kaniewska and on Wednesdays with Mr Wright. We are learning to develop our movement skills and our spatial awareness. We have a chance to take part in various group games during which we have an opportunity to increase our fitness level and learn about how to follow the rules and cooperate with others.


We are studying very hard throughout the day, we complete activities as a whole class and we also work in groups and in pairs. And if we do complete all our jobs and we have worked super hard, we do get some brain breaks which are our favourites!


Days in P1 Room 2 pass very quickly, at the end of the day we organise ourselves to go home and while waiting for our mummies and daddies to arrive we enjoy watching various tv programmes, like Numberblocks, Colourblocks and Alphablocks!