Tulloch Primary School

Tulloch Primary School
Courage and Compassion

P1 Rm1 Mrs Cowan

WOW! What a busy start to primary 1! The boys and girls have settled in wonderfully and are enjoying the start of their school journey. They have enjoyed exploring the learning areas in the classroom, meeting the Tulloch P.S staff and making new friends! 

In Room 1, our context for learning is “Space”. We will explore how we travel to Space, who travels to Space and what we might see in Space. This learning will help us perform our nativity, Christmas with the Aliens! We have worked as a team to create a fantastic Space Station role play area where we can dress up as an astronaut.

We chose to create a class charter with the help of our Tulloch Tiger, Rosie. We made a tiger using our handprints for our class charter which helps us remember our rights. Throughout term 1 and 2, we will focus on the rights below.

Article 8 –We have the right to have an identity.

Article 28 – We have the right to an education.

Article 29 – We have the right to develop our talents and abilities to the full.

Article 13 – We have the right to freedom of expression.

Article 12 – We have the right to have our views and opinions respected.

We have been busy exploring numbers 0 to 5 by reading number stories and singing counting songs, our favourite, 5 little ducks! We have been working hard to form numbers correctly by always starting at the top, counting out the correct number of objects and matching them to the digit and word.  During term 2, we will explore numbers 6-10 and adding and subtracting up to 10.

The boys and girls have been superstars learning their sounds. We have covered a lot of initial sounds since starting primary 1. Everyone is trying incredibly hard to write their letters correctly. We have enjoyed exploring the different ORT characters that we will find in our reading books and have started using our “talk tokens” to discuss what is happening in the illustrations.

Our Health and Wellbeing focus has been emotions. We have a “class engine”, and every morning we decide if our engines are running slow, running too fast, or are running just right! If we are running too slow or too fast, we do some stretches or breathing activities to get our engines ready to learn!

We are excited for a jampacked Term 2 and look forward to seeing you all at our nativity in December.