Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School


August 2020

Children are not required to bring a gym kit into school at the moment. Children can come to school dressed in outdoor gym kit on the days they have PE.

Children should not bring any additional toys, pencil cases etc and only require a water bottle.

We encourage the wearing of a Uniform which creates a sense of community and belonging. The uniform is as follows:-

  • White shirts and blouses
  • Black trousers and skirts
  • Black or red jerseys and cardigans
  • White or black socks
  • Tulloch Primary School tie - order from school office (through ParentPay) or Aitken & Niven 
  • Tulloch Primary School clothing with logo (see link below)
  • Black shorts and white t-shirt for PE
  • Gym Shoes - preferably without laces until they can tie their own and should safely stay on feet during active tasks, such as PE
  • Overall for art and craftwork - preferably the smock type for young children but an old shirt will do for older children. 

Any equipment, school bags, lunch boxes or clothing showing allegiance to a Football Club are not allowed.

Schoolbags should be functional and capable of holding and protecting school books (at least A4 size)

Packed Lunches should be carried separately from school equipment.

All clothing and equipment should be clearly marked with child’s name.

Jewellery: In the interest of safety in the playground and during Physical Education lessons, pupils should not wear hoop or dangling earrings, as this can lead to accidents involving ripped ears. In an effort to minimise the risk of any accidents, children will be asked to remove all articles of jewellery and watches for PE. lessons.