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P7 Rm13

Welcome to P7 with Mrs Hogg.


Welcome back to Term 3, I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas. This term begins with us going back into lockdown, hopefully not for too long! We will have to get used to a new way of working again, this time using Microsoft Teams.

During this term our Context for Learning will be the Second World War, so I am looking forward to doing lots of different activities relating to this including history, writing, reading and expressive arts. We will hopefully write some lovely poems and newspaper reports too. We will compare and contrast life in WW2 with our own, identifying similarities and differences. We will also research the time line of the war. Children will get an opportunity to research an aspect of the war that interests them too, possibly in online groups.

We will Investigate and develop our respect for the beliefs and values of others. Try to understand how beliefs and values can affect the actions of others and share our beliefs and views on honesty, respect, and compassion. We will link this to the events of WW2.

For maths we will revise mathematical operations and calculations. We will be looking at 3D shape, area, perimeter and volume. We will revisit Time, durations of time and calculate word problems involving time. We will go onto understanding and using money, bank cards and budgeting. We will also Investigate numbers less than zero.


In numeracy, we are currently learning all about fractions, including mixed numbers, improper fractions and simplifying fractions.

In spelling this term we are continue to develop our knowledge of spelling rules and are learning to use these when writing.  

We are learning about Africa and all the countries that are in Africa.  We are investigating the population that Africa has and lots of different facts for different African countries. Through this context for learning, we are enjoying many art activities too.

By Charlie and Shay


In Maths, we have been revising addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have been working on tricky words problems, challenging ourselves with division and practising our times tables.

In Literacy, we have been working hard to use ambitious vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation in our writing. We have used some fantastic openers, using words that end in “ly” and “ing”, as well as connectives. Mrs Hogg has been very impressed and proud of our recent imaginative stories that we have written.

Alongside Maths and Literacy, we have been focusing on our Health and Wellbeing. As a class we have had great discussions, sharing our lockdown experiences and feelings. We have also been working as a class to show respect, support each other and be kind. We have also created some fantastic art pieces showing cities before and during lockdown, and faces hidden by masks to guess the hidden emotions behind them.

We are currently preparing letters to send to our P1 Buddy class and are looking forward to meeting them virtually and creating some games for them to play outside!

Additionally, we are working hard just now to apply for House Captains and Vice Captains and are looking forward to an exciting year in Primary 7.

We have written some comments below about how we are feeling about being back at school!

  • I am happy to be back at school because I can see all my friends.
  • Coming back to school was a bit hard getting into the routine and picking up from things I did just before lockdown.
  • In writing we are learning how to write a letter and what certain things we need to include.
  • I have been writing stories and I have gotten better because I am on standard 7.
  • We have had amazing preparation for our writing using VCOP!
  • I have found Spanish hard because I’ve been off school. Reading is fun because we work together.
  • I like the cool bus-stop method for division.
  • In maths, I’ve enjoyed doing algebra and the grid method for multiplication. I’ve learned how to do long-division too.
  • In maths we have learned the bus-stop method and long-division.
  • In maths we have learned a new method for multiplying – the grid method
  • In art I have enjoyed learning how to draw people in perspective because I draw when I am stressed out, so this was relaxing and I really enjoyed it.
  • We have done lots of art and learned how to draw people.
  • We health and wellbeing we drew ourselves with masks on, and when you take the masks down it shows our emotions.
  • In art we have been doing masks and we did that because you don’t know what the person is feeling under the mask. So we drew ourselves with our masks on but when you pull the mask down you know what we are feeling.
  • What are the mask faces? The mask faces are all about how someone is feeling behind their mask and you can guess by looking at their eyebrows.
  • We made people with masks on and when we take off the masks it shows how they are feeling. Such as: happy, sad, mad, unhappy, upset and so on.
  • We have had a busy start to Primary 7 getting to know each other as a new class and a new teacher! We have spent time sharing our skills, hobbies and setting our goals for term 1 and the rest of Primary 7.