Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School

P6 Rm14

Welcome to P6 with Mrs Salmond.

Our Context for Learning is about “Natural Disasters”, how they occur and the impact that they can have. We will also be doing a mini-project on climate change and the increasing impact that this is having on our lives. We will focus on being able to describe the processes involved in natural disasters, compare my local landscape with different environments and interpret information from maps and locate different geographical features.

For Numeracy, we are looking at operations and word problems, with a particular focus on multiplying and dividing this term. Some of the class will identify strategies to solve word problems and some will start to look at the importance of the order of operations. Some tricky work!

For Literacy, we will be looking at up-levelling our writing using VCOP, considering how we can set a scene and make our writing engaging and dramatic. We will also be writing factual reports about our topic and improving our note taking too.

In class, we have a lot of ways to earn rewards for excellent work and behaviour. The class can earn raffle tickets for detailed answers, kindness, demonstrating being ready to learn, safe, respectful and going above and beyond. Our recognition board is used to recognise achievement across the week and is displayed in class and we earn house point as a part of the wider school rewards system too.

This term we are having a massive focus on our rights and how we can best respect these. Ask your child about our class charters and how these link to the UN Rights of the Child. We are becoming very clued up about our rights and will continue to work hard on these throughout the term.

Homework will continue to be delivered through Teams and all of the class now have their logins for this. Tasks will vary week-on-week but will mainly focus on literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing, our topic or listening and talking.