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Life at Tulloch Primary School

P6 Rm11

Welcome to P6 with Miss Findlay.


As you are aware this term has started back very differently again as we take on Home Learning for the second time! Primary 6 so far are showing great enthusiasm and motivation to get on with their daily tasks.

This time we are fortunate to have Live Lessons and meetings to engage with the children remotely and to be able to answer questions that the children may have and address any concerns quickly.

In Numeracy our focus will be money. We can already identify coins and add and subtract with money so our focus is to develop understanding of how to save and budget money to help us throughout life.

In Literacy we will be remotely taking part in more oracy lessons. However we have been developing our listening and talking and are getting more confident with clarifying, explaining, justifying and expanding the points we have made. We will also be working on expanding our writing skills to ensure we uplevel our VCOP.

We have been looking forward to learning about Mary Queen of Scots and focussing on the timeline of her life. This will mostly be done through research


In Numeracy we have been focussing on rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000. We have learned to do this in many ways including in practical activities as well as written.

In Literacy we have focussed on types of poetry including senses and cinquain poetry. We enjoyed creating poetry based on Halloween and Bonfire night.

In RME the children have been learning about Halloween around the world and how people have different beliefs and how they celebrate them.

We are focussing on Cross Country this term in PE, building up stamina and working on balance. The children are keen to challenge their personal best times.

Here are some of the comments the children have made about their learning in Primary 6:

“I enjoy doing imaginative writing with relaxing music on as it helps me think of ideas” Chloe

“I enjoy spelling as I get harder words” Carmen

“I enjoy writing as I can be creative” Carmen

“I enjoy maths and learning new strategies to figure out sums” Blair

“I enjoy challenging maths with new strategies to support me” Lewis

“I enjoy PE as we get to do a lot of running, which is very challenging” Ethan S


Primary 6 Room 11 have settled in well to Primary 6 and are showing improvements in their focus during learning.  This in turn is demonstrating success across their learning.

They have been developing new strategies in Numeracy to support understanding of addition, subtraction and multiplication. Some of the strategies they have been using are bridging, partitioning and using the grid method.

In Literacy they have been working on strategies in reading to help develop understanding of the book, for example, metalinguistics, main points and summarising.

We have focussed on discussions based around skills and this supported the children and their understanding of what skills they need to develop for their dream job.

In PE the children have been building up their fitness by working hard on station activities, such a shuttle runs and star jumps as well as playing number football.

In Spanish the children have been learning to introduce themselves and hold a short conversation.

Here are some of the things that the children have said about Primary 6 so far:

“So far I have enjoyed P6 a lot, especially the speed grid for multiplication” Ethan 

“In P6 I enjoy spelling and handwriting. Spelling is much harder and handwriting helps me to join up my handwriting.” Carmen

“So far I have liked number football, summarising, partitioning, art and all literacy. Right now I am enjoying our book called Farm Boy” Olivia

“So far P6 is going good. I am enjoying Literacy, Numeracy and PE.” Blair

“I am starting to understand P6 and the harder work we have to do. I love the writing as we are learning to write in more detail and with better vocabulary.” Sophie