Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School

P6 Rm10

Welcome to P6 with Miss Ramsay.


P6 have been getting to know their new teacher, Miss Ramsay.  We have met our class worry monster, Yasmar, who helps us with our worries.  We have created a safe and caring environment in our class.

We have been taking part in PE twice a week.  We enjoy keeping fit and having fun in Zumba.  We have been working on our maths and ball skills in number football.

We have been learning to discuss and share our skills and qualities and have linked this to our dream job.

Every Thursday, we complete a Big Write Plan and a piece of writing.  We create a calming environment to help us focus.  This includes candles, calm music and low lights.

We have been learning how to react in an emergency and have learned Dr ABC.  

In Numeracy we have been learning strategies such as bridging, arrays and partitioning.  

During our Spanish lessons with Mrs Baptie we have learned to introduce ourselves and hold a conversation ... Hola!