Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School

P6 Rm10

Welcome to P6 with Miss Ramsay.


Learning and teaching has started off very differently this term but Primary 6 have taken home learning in their stride! They have been logging on each morning at 9 o’clock eager to see what learning is in store for them.

Primary 6 are very keen to learn about their new topic – The Tudors (Mary Queen of Scots). Before the holidays, Primary 6 rearranged their classroom to fit the Tudor theme and are hoping to get back into the class soon to design and create decorations for the classroom.

Within Numeracy, we are focusing on money. We already know how to add and subtract with money but are now putting our knowledge into practice and going to be learning about the importance of budgeting and where in our life it would come in handy.

Within Literacy, we are excited to take part in more oracy lessons. To begin with, these will be done via teams calls. However, Primary 6 have been working hard on our listening and talking and are very confident with clarifying, explaining, justifying and expanding the points we have made.

We are missing the features of our daily classroom jobs especially our quote of the day so Miss Ramsay has suggested that each day if a pupil should like, they can share a motivational quote with the class to keep up feeling positive during these strange times.

Here was Dylan’s quote of the day


Dreams are dreams


Hopes are hopes

Don't expect too high or it may bring you down low.


During Term 2 we have revised rounding and looked at rounding with decimals. We challenged ourselves to round tens of trillions!

We have been working really hard in P6 to be honest and share our feelings with one another to solve any problems or worries me have.

Our new class novel is “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” and we have completed some art and writing lessons surrounding this.

We have been learning about teamwork and co-operation skills with Mr Dewar and we are also enjoying endurance and stamina outdoors in running. We have also been looking at the Solar System.

We are looking forward to take part in more Big Write lessons this term and some of us are keen to be Star Writers! We have already completed a three part story, an acrostic poem and much more!

We are excited to learn more about our topic of Africa and how it differs to our culture here in Scotland.

Within RME, we are going to be looking at the holidays celebrated around the world.


P6 have been getting to know their new teacher, Miss Ramsay.  We have met our class worry monster, Yasmar, who helps us with our worries.  We have created a safe and caring environment in our class.

We have been taking part in PE twice a week.  We enjoy keeping fit and having fun in Zumba.  We have been working on our maths and ball skills in number football.

We have been learning to discuss and share our skills and qualities and have linked this to our dream job.

Every Thursday, we complete a Big Write Plan and a piece of writing.  We create a calming environment to help us focus.  This includes candles, calm music and low lights.

We have been learning how to react in an emergency and have learned Dr ABC.  

In Numeracy we have been learning strategies such as bridging, arrays and partitioning.  

During our Spanish lessons with Mrs Baptie we have learned to introduce ourselves and hold a conversation ... Hola!