Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School

P5 Rm14

Welcome to P5 with Miss Nicoll.


This term we are starting back using Remote Learning. Most of us are working from our own houses while a few of us are still in school. We will continue to have opportunities to come together and share our ideas: we aim to meet every day using MS Teams. We will meet to take part in live lessons, ask questions, support each other, discuss our assignments and celebrate our successes. We will also post our assignments using MS Teams. We are looking forward to improving our digital skills.

Our Context for Learning is about “The Vikings”. We will start by creating questions that interest us. We will then learn how to identify reliable sources of information. We will create our own information books that compare and contrast  societies from the past with our own.

For Numeracy, we will be continuing our learning about Money with a focus on calculating different amounts and applying this to word problems. Another aspect of our numeracy learning will be to collect, organise and display data in a variety of ways, including through the use of digital technologies.

For Literacy, there is a whole school focus on Talking and Listening. We will be getting better at planning and delivering short presentations as well as talking and listening in small groups about subjects that interest us. Also for Literacy, we will be improving our note taking and this will help us write factual and creative texts.

Although remote learning is sure to be challenging at times, we are going to make the best of it while looking forward to being physically together again back in class when it is safe.


The class have got off to a flying start this term with their learning. In numeracy, we have been looking at the four operations and focussing on division in particular. We are going to be applying this knowledge to a series of word problems to improve our mental maths skills over the term. Later we will be looking at time and money also. In Literacy, we have been working hard to up-level our writing, focussing on verbs and adjectives and how these work in a sentence. We have been using special strategies in spelling to help us recall tricky words and improving our comprehension in reading with new group novels. We have been continuing to develop our resilience this term, using our resilience alphabet to help us and we will be focussing on respecting other people’s rights. One thing we are very proud of is our use of technology to complete our work. We have been getting to grips with Glow and Teams and have been completing different tasks on here too.


We are all enjoying being back in school and having the opportunity to share our ideas and learning with our peers.  We have been revising lots of skills in Literacy and Numeracy and are all growing in confidence when working independently.

We have been developing our ICT skills and building on what we were doing in lockdown.  Our teacher has enjoyed sharing our learning on Seesaw with our families and we have been able to share our homework using this app too.

Our next step is to learn to use Glow and Microsoft Teams.  Some of us are already able to use this confidently and we have been uploading the writing tasks we have done in class.  We all love using ICT to help us learn and know these skills will continue to help us through P5 and beyond!