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P2 Room 4

Welcome to P2 with Mr Donaldson.


Happy New Year everyone!

The new term is getting off to a strange start! For the month of January all learning and teaching will be taking place at home. This will be done via Teams where all class work will be assigned.

In literacy, we will be continuing to work through our stage two sounds and practising using these new sounds in our reading and writing. We will also be aiming to ‘uplevel’ our writing through learning more about VCOP.

In numeracy, we will continue to practice our arithmetic skills and begin to push on to look at even higher numbers. We will also be looking into the topic of money and how this is used in our daily lives.

Our topic will continue to be celebrations around the world. There are lots of different special events occurring at this time of year such as Chinese New Year and Burns Night among others which we will be learning about over the next few months.

During these difficult times it is important to look after ourselves so this term we will also have a focus on mental health and how to keep ourselves healthy.

Stay safe everyone and hopefully we will have you back in class in no time! 


Another busy term for P2 has well and truly begun. Everyone is settled back into class and enjoying being back with friends after a relaxing two-week break.

In Numeracy this term, we have been investigating 2D and 3D shapes and learning about some of the properties of these. We are also continuing our work on addition and subtraction beginning to look at even higher numbers.

In Literacy, we are now working our way through the phase two digraphs which will help us in our reading and writing. Reading books are still going home daily and we are enjoying working on tasks related to these.

Our context for learning this term has been celebrations around the world. So far, we have been learning about Halloween, Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day. We had great fun dressing up for our Halloween fun day and doing lots of art activities related to the celebrations.


It has been so great to welcome our wonderful P2s back to school and it's been lovely to see everyone looking so happy and ready to learn once again!

This term we have been revising our phonemes from P1, including how to correctly form letters, sound out the letters and blend them together to make words. Very soon we will be introducing new sounds which will help us to build our vocabulary.

In Numeracy, we have been working hard on addition and subtraction up to 20 as well as making use of number lines to help us work out our sums. We make use of a variety of resources to help us learn our maths including interactive games on the promethean board and iPads.

As part of Health and Wellbeing, we have been working our way through the resilience alphabet and completed a variety of activities to help build our resilience so that no problem is too big for our strong P2s!

As a class, we have also helped to create our own superhero class charter and we have made our own superheroes to be included in this. We are all demonstrating how they can be superheroes by being respectful, ready and safe.