Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School

P2 Rm3

This year our teacher is Miss Pacey. Mrs Falconer and Mrs Robertson support us in the classroom and out in the playground. Sometimes  Miss Ryan supports us with our learning too.

On a Monday morning we have Mrs Watt and she teaches us about Science and Art.

On a Wednesday we go to the MUGA to partake in different P.E. activities and on a Thursday afternoon we go into the playground and play a range of games.

We can earn pom poms in the class and at the end of each week we count them up and the winning table chooses a prize from the box.

We make sure that we walk in the corridor and in the classroom to keep ourselves safe and we ensure that we kind hands and kind words.

We are looking forward to meeting our buddies and eating our lunch in the dinner hall.