Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School

P1 Room 2

Welcome to P1 with Miss Pacey. 


At the end of term 2 Primary 1 had just finished learning all their individual phonic sounds and the class were very excited that they had a full alphabet of letters to work with. During term 3 pupils will begin to blend these sounds together to form words along with continual practice of letter formation. They will also be introduced to new phonemes throughout the term along with new common words. In maths Primary 1 were enjoying using practical materials to solve addition calculations and during this term will begin to look at subtraction alongside larger numbers. We had lots of fun exploring different celebrations from around the world and will continue to learn about celebrations from around the world during term 3 through events such as Burns Night and Chinese New Year. The class worked extremely hard and continually made others smile throughout the previous two terms and I have no doubt that this will continue during term 3.


In maths we have been learning about the plus sign and have started to complete addition sums. So far we have learnt the number stories of 2,3,4 and 5. We have used Numicon and pictures to help with our work.

In phonics we are continuing to learn news sounds and common words. We are enjoying reading our books and taking them home to share with our families.

This term we are going to learn about different celebrations, so far we have talked about Halloween and Bonfire Night. We had lots of fun dressing up and having a Halloween craft morning. We are looking forward to learning about Christmas and other celebrations.

We have designed clothes to wear in the dark which will help keep us safe and have talked about how to keep ourselves safe on winter nights.


We have enjoyed working as part of small teams to complete different jigsaws. This week we enjoyed working with colourful spaghetti to spell out our names and make pictures.  

In maths we have been learning our numbers to 10 and we have practised writing them and counting objects in our maths booklets.

We have learned 12 new sounds and are able to write and recognise them in stories. We have been working hard to learn some common words and practice writing these as well.  

We have started to take home reading books and have enjoyed sharing these with our families and even some of our teddies.

We have talked about how to be Ready, Safe and Respectful both in and out of the classroom.  

Miss Pacey is very proud of how hard all the pupils  have worked this term, they have approached each day with a positive attitude and a smile and have definitely earned their holidays. 

Well done Primary 1!


Since starting school in August, we have been practising forming our numbers using our new workbooks and play-doh.  We have used Numicon and games to help us with our counting.  We have been learning our letters and so far we have learned a, i, s, p, t and n.  We have practised writing our names and are becoming more confident with this.  In reading, we have met new characters and we are all enjoying taking our books home to share our new reading skills with our families.  We love PE outdoors with Mrs Telfer.  So far we all think Primary 1 is brilliant!