Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School


Welcome to Tulloch Nursery!

This term we are welcoming back some familiar friends. They are being responsible for greeting all the new children into the setting.

In the Nursery, we all belong to a smaller key group. They key groups are all different colours of the rainbow. Each group has a different keyworker that helps to care for us, provide quality play experiences and support our learning.

In Nursery, we learn through play. Sometimes our play can get a little bit messy, so please can you make sure your child is dressed appropriately for their daily adventures.

We are staying active by exploring outdoors. We are becoming independent when making choices during our healthy snack and mealtimes. In Nursery we are learning to respect and follow the rules, to help keep ourselves and our friends safe.

Our learning and progress that we have achieved is shared through see-saw and our individual portfolios.

We are proud of the littlest learners having such 'Courage and Compassion' as they begin their journey at Tulloch Primary School.