Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School

Classes Organisation 2021/2022

Within Tulloch Primary School we currently have our nursery, two enhanced provision classes and fourteen classrooms. Select from the following to find out more about our pupils' learning experiences:


Starburst Mrs Holmes 

P1 Room 1 Mrs Robb

P1 Room 2 Miss Kaniewska

P2 Room 3 Miss Pacey

P2 Room 4 Ms Robb

P3 Room 6 Mrs Moncrieff

P3/4 Room 5 Mr Donaldson

P4 Room 8 Miss Docherty

P4 Room 10 Miss Tannock and Mrs Melville

P5 Room 9 Miss MacKinnon

P5 Room 12 Miss Hill

P6 Room 7 Mr Wright

P6 Room 14 Mrs Salmond

P7 Room 11 Miss Findlay

P7 Room 14 Mrs Hogg

Lighthouse Mrs Sutherland and Mr Cameron